QuickTip: Cutting Distractions While At Work

Distractions at work are inevitable, but also avoidable. No one is completely attentive to their work all of the time, of course, but that doesn't mean you can't increase productivity with some strategies. Productivity at work is even associated with higher levels of happiness, making it even more imperative to eschew Facebook or that addicting app (you know what we mean). So this week, our QuickTips will cover productivity, and how to master it! First

QuickTip: Dealing With Dissatisfied Clients

Not everyone is a good match. Sometimes, even if you do your best work, someone is going to be dissatisfied with your performance. If a client is upset, arrange a meeting as soon as possible (no delay!) to discuss what’s troubling them. Can you fix the problem? Good. Do that. If you can’t, they might wish to part ways. You may want the same. Check your contract’s terms. As long as you remain calm, things

QuickTip: Coming Back After An Error

The most important thing to do is keep your error in perspective. No matter how bad it is, even if it’s shut-down-your-business bad, it won’t destroy you. Just follow these steps: Freak out if you need to. Survey the damage, see how to fix it, then do it. Give a sincere apology to all affected parties. Sometimes, there are legal implications to “admitting” or “apologizing”—if it’s that bad, then make sure you get legal counsel

QuickTip: Willpower, Or Something Else?

According to the fascinating and powerful book, The New Psycho-Cybernetics, willpower is much less important than creative imagination. The theory is that, when we force ourselves to do something, we’re utilizing a limited and ultimately weak resource: Willpower. When we can see ourselves in a certain role, however, and really come to identify with the thing you want to be (someone who exercises every day, or eats right, or gets all their work done…), then

QuickTip: Staying Focused

There are a lot of ways to beat the distraction bug. If you have something to write, programs like OmmWriter help you cut distractions and get into the “zone”. If you really need motivation, Write or Die has “consequences”, one of them being that it will unwrite your words if you don’t write fast enough! Another simple tactic is getting out of the office. For a lot of us, “the office” is a desk in

QuickTip: Dealing With Negative Friends & Family

Everyone on any kind of independent, uncommon endeavor…all of us meet with resistance. Wherever and whoever it comes from, it’s never fun. But it is manageable. First: Know your why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Knowing that will keep you focused. Second: Arm yourself with support. Find new friends, mastermind groups, whoever gets it. Third: Keep your eye on the prize. Don’t focus on the negativity—feel the pain, if it’s there, but then

QuickTip: Clients Who Don’t Pay

This is often not malicious—sometimes, things just go wrong. A new bookkeeper, a new computer program, the check got lost in the mail…and you don’t get your money. Remember to always confront your client with kindness and understanding. Express the problem in a blame-free manner, and be open to their feedback. But also be ready to put your foot down. Hold your ground—kindly—and make sure you get your money. If they refuse to pay, you

QuickTip: Snippets of Productivity

Do you ever find yourself with a few spare minutes? You’re caught between meetings, or something ended earlier than expected…and you have extra time! But…what do you DO with it? These snippets of unexpected “fee time” can often catch us off-guard. Here’s how to make it easy: Make a list (in a planner, Evernote, etc.) of little things you can do. Here’s mine: This is not at all complete, but it’s a start. And it’ll

QuickTip: Are Your Dreams Too Big/Crazy/Out-There?

No. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they try, just remind yourself that they simply don’t understand your particular goals. That doesn’t mean they’re bad or wrong, they just don’t see the world the way you do. And that’s OK…for both of you. So keep at it. As Marie Forleo says, “The world needs that special something that only you

QuickTip: Rewritting Old Patterns

Everyone picks up bad habits and unhelpful patterns over the course of their lives. It’s human nature. No one means to give us these negative thought patterns, it’s just prevalent in our culture; in all of human society. But the good news is, we can always decide to change our thought patterns. It takes time, effort, and dedication, as well as consistency, but it’s well worth the work. Read. Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown,