How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

In any marketing strategy, haphazard activities will produce haphazard results, which essentially boils down to gambling with your advertising budget. To produce the best return on your investment, a more focused strategy is needed. Creating a social media content calendar will give you the perspective and planning ability you need to optimize your marketing strategy. This also allows you to see big events or holidays in the coming weeks, so you can capitalize on them

Guerrilla Business School – The Continued Saga

Another incredible day at Guerrilla Business School. So far, this is proving to have been one of the most worthwhile investments of my life. I heard from outstanding speakers, such as Ken Courtright, Joel Roberts, Lisa Sasevich, Ted McGrath, and the amazingly hilarious Sam Crowley. Seriously, the man is outrageously funny. I'll never be able to see a Quiznos without cracking up, that's for sure. If this whole "being a world-renowned expert in business" thing

Guerrilla Business School – September 2014

Forget Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. The Ivies and other prestigious schools have nothing on Guerrilla Business School. New Peaks (formerly Peak Potentials) has created something truly unique here--a business school that spans five days and is, without a doubt, worth at least the equivalent of the best MBAs out there. Frankly, I'd argue that it's worth far more, but I'll leave that part for you to decide. I have just completed my third day here,