How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

In any marketing strategy, haphazard activities will produce haphazard results, which essentially boils down to gambling with your advertising budget. To produce the best return on your investment, a more focused strategy is needed. Creating a social media content calendar will give you the perspective and planning ability you need to optimize your marketing strategy. This also allows you to see big events or holidays in the coming weeks, so you can capitalize on them

How to Share Posts on Facebook

Connecting with companies, people, and celebrities we love is one of the greatest things about the internet—the ability to directly interact with a brand or person who would otherwise be out of our reach. When they post something really great, one of the nicest features of Facebook is the ability to “share” that post—that way, anyone you’re friends with (but who isn’t friends with/a fan of the original poster) can see that content, thanks to