Forget Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. The Ivies and other prestigious schools have nothing on Guerrilla Business School.

New Peaks (formerly Peak Potentials) has created something truly unique here–a business school that spans five days and is, without a doubt, worth at least the equivalent of the best MBAs out there. Frankly, I’d argue that it’s worth far more, but I’ll leave that part for you to decide.

I have just completed my third day here, and my mind is kind of exploding with information. The ideas, the inspiration, the awesome new tools and concepts.

I signed a confidentiality waiver promising I wouldn’t give away any of their information, so I won’t–I’m a woman of my word, after all–but I will say that, three days in, I am no longer the same person as the one who arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week. I am a smarter, stronger, more daring person who is bursting with business ideas and itching to implement.

The amazing thing is the amount of stress they put on marketing. Since I’m in the business of marketing, this resonates very strongly with me. I am not only coming up with great ways to help my own business, I’m also overflowing with methodology that will benefit all my clients.

For example, already tonight I fixed an issue with a client’s YouTube channel, allowing her videos to be shown all together when searched, or when one is watched. It’s a small thing that can have a huge impact.

But then, that’s kind of how this whole event feels. Like thousands of teeny-tiny, itty-bitty adjustments that make an enormous difference in your life.

It reminds me of how, when NASA (or rather, Elon Musk, as he’s shooting more rockets off these days than the government is) launches a piece of equipment into space, they have to calculate the trajectory exactly. I mean, down to the millimeter. Even being a hair off on Earth can result in being millions of miles off course at the final destination. This, of course, also requires the ability to adjust the rocket’s course after liftoff, making necessary changes so that it arrives safely.

We’re like that, too. We might make a tiny little change in our lives that feels insignificant now, but turns out to have a tremendous impact on where we end up.

Little changes can lead to big results. It’s just a matter of knowing what changes, and how to make them.

If you want to learn more about Guerrilla Business School, know that I, for one, think it is amazing–worth every penny.

And if you’re still not sure, keep an eye on this blog–I’ll be telling you more about my GBS experiences tomorrow!