23 Jun 2015

QuickTip: Manage Blocks of Time

By scheduling what you have to do and when you have to do it, you hold yourself accountable. Scheduling your time out on a spreadsheet is a great strategy. It allows you to see your day, even your week, all at once and decide where to put your time. Don’t only focus on time, though: Think energy. When are you the most productive? Most alert? When are you likely to be alone? The amount of

5 Jun 2015

QuickTip: Start The Day Off Right

The first hour of your day sets the tone for that day. Starting it off strong will give you a huge boost and make productivity way easier. So wake up at a decent time (early enough that you have some time to relax), and do at least one thing just for you: Even if all you do is add a little five-minute ritual to your day—lighting some candles and meditating, doing some yoga, sitting down

Why Social Media Is Crucial For Your Business in 2016

In this day and age, the universal significance of social media is no longer debatable. Just by looking at the sheer number of social media users – 1.79 billion people worldwide – this idea becomes plain as day. In spite of this, there are cynics who are still hesitant to use this technology for marketing their businesses, with the question, “What if this is just a fad?”   To answer this, we’ll let the numbers

QuickTip: Haters

You can't please everyone! Especially in business. As your company grows, you'll encounter some negative people. Just remember: 1. Don't take it personally. Complaints aren't always about you. People are complex; there's likely more bothering them than just you. 2. Learn what you can. There's always a lesson, especially in criticism. Be on alert for any improvements you can make. 3. Keep going. Don't let the disdain of one person stop the great service others

QuickTip: Nightly Routine

Starting the day off right is important; so is ending it right. A nightly routine helps you prepare for a restful, restorative sleep. It's a time for reflection and recouperation. Take a few moments each night to do some of the following: Have a consistent sleep time Journal, meditate, write or speak gratitude for the day Contemplate the wins, losses, and lessons of the day Drink an herbal tea or other soothing drink (NO caffeine!)

QuickTip: Morning Routine

Morning routines set the tone for the day. This is why it's so important to create habits consciously, rather than just doing what everyone else does, or rushing through your morning with no real plan. Here are my recommendations for starting the day off right: Consistent wake time (this is a big one!) Quiet contemplation time (journaling, meditating, Exercise Reading Planning the day ahead You can do all or none of these, but know that adding even

QuickTip: Reflect

Always look at what you have accomplished at the end of the day, and give yourself credit for all the great work you did. Even if you didn’t accomplish all you set out to, be appreciative of what you did get done. A grateful, positive attitude will take you a lot farther than a mental beating. This doesn’t mean you can’t use your reflection time to up your game. Take some time to consider what

QuickTip: Manage Your Health

Productivity crashes when you do. Sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute negatively to your health. Simple truth? Take care of yourself, or your life will fall down around you. Make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep, as both are vital for attentiveness. Eat healthy foods, and make sure you move around a bit during the day. Just going for a little walk or working while standing for

QuickTip: Minimize Visual Distractions

Making your environment less hectic will make your mind less hectic. Try to keep only the project you are working on in front of you. Things like desk clutter, dozens desktop icons, a crowded workspace, too many people, or anything else that catches your attention will invariably hurt your performance. Every single item you see or sound you hear will trigger some new thought. They stimulate your brain, diverting its attention. Steve Jobs insisted on

QuickTip: Work on Yourself

Odds are, you’d much prefer that you were a more disciplined, organized, and committed person, rather than simply having an environment that restricts you. This is the difference between an adult who makes decisions for themselves, versus a child who has to be told what to do by their parents. Life is much better when we can act powerfully on our decisions, rather than succumbing to our whims. So work on you! Take the time

QuickTip: Limit Technological Disruptions

Once again, planning is very effective here. Set aside time for answering emails, checking social media (business OR personal), responding to inquiries, etc. Outside these scheduled times, your use of technology should be strictly business, and clearly planned. Everything else should be out of reach and inaccessible. If you’re on your computer, you should be doing work-specific things only. Turn off desktop notifications for emails, as well as notifications on your phone for everything. If